2020 Garden and Outdoor Living Gift Guide

2019 Garden and Outdoor Living Gift Guide

There may be people on your gift giving list this year who love the outdoors – specifically on their own property, puttering around in the garden or just relaxing in their outdoor living space.

There are several different options for people who love these activities, and sometimes you can even bring some of them, such as gardening, indoors so they can be comfortable year round!

Patio Furniture

Sprucing up the patio with some comfortable furniture is just what many people need to be able to enjoy the outdoors. You can gift them a set of adjustable recliners, for instance.

The ones by Best Choice Products come in a pair that are zero gravity lounge recliners with cup holder trays and beige pillows. These chairs are weather resistant and can hold up to 250 pounds.

The headrests can be removed or added according to the personal preference of the user and the chair itself can be left out or folded up and stored when not in use or whenever your gift recipient wants to transport them elsewhere.

Another patio furniture gift option is a bench deck box made by Keter Eden. It’s a 70 gallon bench for the patio that doubles as an outdoor seating area and it comes in a grey color that matches most decors.

This lockable bench seating and box can hold up to 771 pounds of items inside and can comfortably seat two adults. It won’t get ruined by weather – it will maintain an elegant look to make any patio look good!

Grills and Smokers

If you have someone on your list who likes to cook, then you might consider an outdoor grill or smoker as a gift. The Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill is a 22-inch grill that can fit any deck or yard.

It has an electric gas ignition system along with a one-touch cleaning system built in to remove the ash the grill accumulates. There’s an LCD timer and a thermometer built into the lid, too.

They don’t even have to lift the lid to check the temperature – they can just control it from the outside and adjust the dampers on it. When they’re finished grilling, they just close the dampers, and the coals will be extinguished.

Another option for an outdoor chef is a Weber Smokey Mountain Charcoal Smoker. This is a 14-inch cooker with porcelain-enameled elements (lid, bowl and center), so it won’t rust or deteriorate.

It comes with dual cooking grates so you can make two items simultaneously.

As with the grill above, you can control and check temperatures from the outside of this cooker and use the dampers to maintain the right heat, and if you need to add more charcoal or wood, you can simply remove the fuel door to do it and continue the smoking process.

Lawn Care

There are many men and women who take pride in the way their lawn looks, so lawn care gifts are always much appreciated. Over time, there’s a lot of wear and tear on these gadgets.

You may know someone who would love a new lawn eldger. The one by WORX is both an edger and trencher and it has a 12 amp motor and 3 positions for the blade depth. Your recipient can get the perfect precision cut using the cutting line indicator and the tool can be adjusted to the user’s height and posture.

Another great lawn tool is the electric lawn mower that comes with an additional blade by Greenworks. This is a corded mower with a 20-inch deck made out of steel. It also has a 12 amp motor and can mulch, discharge on the side or bag clippings for them.

There are seven different height adjustments the person can choose from, and it’s simple to use – just push a button! The mower has handles that fold up for space saving purposes.

Pots, Planters and Containers

Someone in your life may adore planting or growing things – whether indoors or out. So getting them some pots, planters or containers could be the perfect gift. One good option is the Fox and Fern set that comes with two large plant potters that are 12 and 15 inches in size.

They have a drainage plug and are matte white to match any décor. The planters are fiberstone, so they’re not heavy and they’ll withstand the elements, too. If growing something like flowers or produce is your recipient’s favorite pastime, then you might consider a raised planter.

Keter makes an Easy Grow raised garden bed that’s a self watering box with an adjustable drainage plug built in. It measures 22.9 in width, 19.4 in depth and 29.8 in height.

There’s a gauge built in that tells them when the plants need more hydration. This planter works indoors or out and set up is quick and easy. This is especially helpful as a gift for the elderly or those who have back or knee pain, since it’s elevated for them.


Water gardening is growing in popularity, and it’s a style that doesn’t require the typical soil needs. You can gift someone a hydroponics set up where they can grow gourmet herbs, like the one made by AeroGarden Harvest.

They get a seed kit with 6 pods that includes two types of basil, parsley, dill, thyme, and mint – along with a bottle of plant nutrients that will last an entire growing season. This is perfect for people on your list who hate messes, because it only needs water for the plants to grow and thrive.

And the system tells them when to add plant food or more water, so there’s no way they can fail to grow a successful garden! It includes a 20-watt LED light to help with growth, and it works year round, too!

Another hydroponics gift to consider is the Hydroponics Growing System. It’s an indoor system that’s larger in size and allows your gift recipient to grow 12 plants at once without any soil. 

It has a special light system built in to help care for the plants and speed up their growth. There’s a large water tank with an LED control system so you can set the lighting, and manage other controls and it comes with a nice accessory set for growing and harvesting.


Many people love growing larger gardens, but they may not have the soil or the space to grow one. That’s where a gift of a greenhouse would be the perfect match! Gardman makes a 4-tier greenhouse that’s 28 x 18 x 63 inches and it’s perfect for use indoors or out.

The person you gift it to will be able to start seedlings in the greenhouse and zip up the clear polyethylene cover to protect them from pests and weather issues. Or, the cover can be removed and the user can just use the tiers as a space saver alone.

If you really want to give them something where they can grow a huge garden, you can get a large portable walk in greenhouse that has 2 tiers and 8 shelves in it, along with the cover to keep out pests and keep plants warm.

This way, they can grow a variety of things such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs and more! It has plenty of ventilation to keep the plants happy and the user can store their gardening tools inside the greenhouse, too!

Outdoor Carts

If you do have an outdoor gardener on your gift list, you might want to give them an outdoor cart that’s specifically made for this purpose. The Mac Sports version is a collapsible utility wagon that folds up to save space.

This is a large cart that’s 35 x 20 x 23 inches but it folds to just 8 inches of thickness and even comes with a carrying case to transport it. It weighs just over 24 pounds but can hoist up to 150 pounds.

It’s weather resistant and has a handle they can adjust as well as cup holders to take refreshing beverages outside with them.  This cart isn’t just for gardening – it can be used at tailgate parties, picnics, and more!

A more durable cart for heavy gardening or yard work would be the Gorilla Cart that’s made of steel and has removable sides. This cart can hold up to 1,400 pounds and it has 15 inch tires that help the person take it over almost any terrain.

The cart measures 52 x 32 inches and you can also tow it behind some other vehicle (like an ATV) if you need to. The sides come off to help the person unload their haul. So this works for gardening, lawn work or even ranch tasks.

Sculptures and Statues

Sometimes the gift you give someone for the outdoors is just meant to spruce up the place. There are many decorative gifts you can choose from. Make sure it matches the outdoor décor of the person you’re buying for.

You might want to check out the Mother Hen and Chicken sculpture set by Verdugo Gifts. It’s a country garden décor that has the mother hen and a set of baby chicks to go with it.

The sculpture is made of metal with a nice, rustic finish. The hen measures 11 ¼ x 3 ¾ x 14 ½ inches high. The baby chicks measure 5 x 3 x 4 ¾ inches in height. This is a cute little sculpture that highlights what you would see in a farm setting.

Another beautiful sculpture you can gift to someone is an outdoor Moon Crackle Glass Globe by Homeimpro.  It’s a solar sculpture that puts out a white LED light that’s warm and soothing.

This sculpture charges up during the day so it can light the outdoor setting at night – whether that’s a garden, lawn or stone pathway. It’s made of stainless steel and glass, so it’s weather resistant and durable.

Gardening Tool Sets

Whether or not they already have these, a gardening tool set is often appreciated. Tools go missing or break or wear out, and you can gift someone a tool set that has the items they need to nurture and grow an amazing garden.

Aokiwo makes a 20-piece garden tool set that comes with a tote bag, garden gloves and a variety of aluminum hand tools. They’re perfect for men or women, and in addition to the gloves and tote, come with a weeder, sprayer, plant tags, hand rake, trowel, pruner, transplanter, and more!

These tools won’t rust because they’re weather resistant. And they’re easy to maneuver because they have no slip grip handles on them made of soft rubber. This is perfect for elderly gardeners – in addition to the fact that they’re ergonomically designed to prevent soreness in the hands and wrists.

The tools can all be stored in the storage caddy with 8 pockets for convenient carrying.

Another set that might be perfect as a gift is an 8-piece gardening tool set that’s lightweight and made of aluminum with soft rubber handles. It includes pruners, a trowel, bamboo gloves, a tote, knee pads and more!

The pruner is made with EZ-Cut pruner technology, so it’s not difficult to cut stems or branches with them. And with the foam kneeling pad, the person you’re gifting this to will be able to enjoy their garden much longer each day.

Composting Options

When it comes to creating rich soil in a garden, and especially if the gardener loves the environment, you can gift someone a composting bin to help them recycle food waste and enrich the soil they use in their gardening endeavors.

Epica makes a 1.3 gallon indoor stainless steel composting bin that can be used on a kitchen counter or elsewhere inside. It has a charcoal filter to prevent odors from escaping.

The composting bin matches most kitchen décor and is super simple to clean. The gift recipient can put their leftover vegetable and fruit scraps in it, along with coffee grounds, egg shells and more.

You may know someone who would like a larger composting bin that stays outdoors. A large composting tumbler can be gifted that they can rotate easily. It stores up to 43 gallons of materials in a dual chamber, so that the compositing process never has to end.

While one chamber is ready to be used in the soil, the other is just getting started. It has a great aeration system built in for heat and airflow. The height is perfect for placing a cart under it so that you can remove and use a batch of the materials at any time.

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