Black Friday Apple Deals for 2019

Black Friday Apple Deals

Apple products always show up in Black Friday ads with quite a few deals. Of course, everyone knows that the Apple iPhones are pretty hot items. They make great gifts for any recipient.

When these go on sale, they can be pretty affordable compared to their original launch price, so be warned that they sell out quickly. You want to be ready to buy the minute you know a deal is going to happen.

With Black Friday Apple deals for 2019, you can look for both unlocked and renewed (refurbished) phones to be included. You’ll find certain models of the iPhones that will give you a few hundred dollars in savings.

Keep an eye out for the XS version. You’ll also want to check the ads for the iPhone 8 sales as well as the 6S version. The XR may or may not be on sale this year. When the name Apple is mentioned, it inevitably makes people think of the iPhones they offer.

But Apple makes a lot of electronics that make perfect gifts. Besides iPhones, you also want to watch for Apple to come out with some amazing iPad sales. What will probably be on the Black Friday Apple deals for 2019 is the iPad Air.

You’ll find more than one version of this product. You might see them listed as Air 2 or 3rd generation. Some of them may be refurbished. Along with the Air, you might see the Pro listed as a Black Friday deal, too.

Watch the ads for the MacBooks, too. The MacBook Air has a solid reputation for being a sturdy option in computers for those looking for top quality, even when they’re getting a steal of a deal.

When mobility counts, you want a product that’ll be there for you – and that’s what you get with the Apple Watch. This year, the series 4 might make the Black Friday sales. If it does, you’ll definitely want to grab two – one for yourself and one to give as a gift.

The benefits of an Apple Watch are numerous. You can listen to music, have a compass at your fingertips, or use it as a calculator. You can hear podcasts or track your fitness.

You can text with it or use it for social media. It can also send an SOS when you need help. Music matters across the generations and having quality earbuds is imperative. Apple Airpods might make the list of their products that are slated to be Black Friday Apple deals for 2019.

These may also come with the wireless charging case. Don’t forget to look out for Apple’s accessories, too. You might find a great bargain on things like the Apple mouse or one of the keyboard models may go on sale.

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