Fidget Spinner + Fidget Cube + Flippy Chain Ring + Mesh. Value Bundle Set with 4 Best Seller Sensory Toys for Autism, ADD/ ADHD, Anti-Anxiety, Break Habits, Attention Issue, Reduce Stress & Stay Calm

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4 most popular fidgeting toys used in classroom, home, church or office (colors red, white, blue)

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(1) Which Fidget Cube is the right one? The Fidget Cube comes in very different price range and qualities. We tested many fidget cubes to find the correct version with all the right movements and click functions.It is difficult to know what quality fidget cube you will be get when ordering from one of the many individual sellers but with us you are sure to get the perfect cube. And if you don’t like it then you can return it and get a full refund – no questions asked.(2) Should I get a metal spinner or a plastic spinner? Well, we assumed the metal spinners were a sure winner (they are definitely priced this way!) but we were surprised to find more positives with the plastic spinners and especially the fact that the metal spinners are heavy and if dropped they can make a serious dent (we almost lost a laptop while testing!) (3) Which fidgeting tools are right for me?That’s a really big question and only you can really tell. Is it to manage stress, deal with anxiety issues or perhaps for a child with ADD or ADHD?There are many uses and, interestingly, because we were a team testing many products we realized that these toys – or behavioral management accessories if you will – are good for people who didn’t even know they needed them.They help reduce common nervous nail biting and to some extend reduce a wandering mind making you better at staying focused and on task. With this combo set, you are sure to find your favorite fidgeting toy for home, office or on the go.Our best seller fidget toy value pack include: • 1 x Fidget Cube • 1 x Fidget Hand Spinner • 1 x Fidget Mesh Friend • 1 x Fidget Chain ToyAll items ship individually packed and sealed in a zip-lock bag.

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