Holiday Gifts for Family

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Your Husband

Your husband is probably also one of your best friends. He’s someone that you can confide in, someone that you can appreciate, and someone who you love sincerely. During the holidays, you’re able to bundle all of that affection into the gifts that you choose to give him, so choosing the right one is important.

Luckily, there’s no shortage of good gifts to give to your husband. If your husband is an avid golfer or looking to get into the game, there are many routes you can take from there.

If he’s just now looking to get into it, you can get him a good starting set of clubs. If he’s already pretty invested into it, you can get him fitted for new, more customized clubs. If he’s a serious, more advanced player, you can always opt for a more expensive particular club, such as a driver or a wedge, that he might not splurge on otherwise.

Your husband is likely going to be attending a few formal events over the course of your marriage, and you want him to look his best. If he doesn’t already have one, getting him a nice suit that’s sized properly can make a night and day difference.

A poorly made or poorly sized suit can make someone look low brow, but a nice one can really turn some heads at events. For the husband who’s a bit more on the active side, you should look into getting him a smart watch.

These are all the rage nowadays, and with so many options available, you’re bound to find something that he’ll like. These watches have all kinds of functions, from simple step counting to sleep analysis. They’re a huge hit with anyone who likes staying in shape.

A man’s wallet can get confusing sometimes. Over time, he’ll probably accumulate things like business cards or gift cards that just overcrowd his wallet. He also might have one that’s a bit on the cheaper end. By getting him a high-quality, slim leather wallet, you’re going to make his life a lot simpler, as well as a lot better looking when it comes to accessories.

Finally, a good husband should have a good grill. If you don’t have one already, spring for a nice, big grill that he can cook up all kinds of stuff on. Along with the grill itself, you should also grab some of the necessary accessories, such as a spatula, brush cleaner, grill lighter, and so on.

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Your Wife

You should always be willing to shower your wife in love and affection. You should give her some high quality gifts for Christmas that can adequately reflect your love and care for her, so that she knows she’s making a noticeable difference in the lives of her treasured family members.

If your wife likes to get comfortable at home, nothing is more comfy than a good silk pajama set. These pajamas are made with high quality silk that’s incredibly soft and smooth, and allow them to lounge around the house in absolute comfort.

Don’t shy away from the more expensive sets, because those ones will be much, much more comfortable than the cheaper alternatives. If your wife likes to go out to events in style, then some high quality jewelry can complete her entire outfit.

Whether it be a necklace, earrings, bracelets, or a ring, some high end jewelry can make her Christmas complete. Try to go for something well made and with real parts, such as real diamonds instead of cubic zirconium, because they will hold their value for a much longer time.

You might notice that your wife tosses and turns in her sleep sometimes. If you want to help her get to bed easier and faster, you should get her a weighted blanket. Weighted blankets have been shown to help people fall asleep faster and get a better night of sleep.

They vary in weight to help either minorly restless sleepers or very restless sleepers. Since your wife works hard and is always trying her best, so you ought to treat her to a nice spa day.

You can accomplish this in a few ways. First, you could do it at home with a variety of supplies that you can get online, and give her the day off to just relax while you take care of her.

The other method would be getting a coupon and actually taken her out to a real spa and giving her the gift of total relaxation. If your wife is keen on cooking at home, then a slow cooker might be exactly what she needs to take her meals to the next level.

Slow cookers allow you to make extremely tender meat by cooking it consistently over the course of hours and hours, while remaining pressurized. There are tons of recipes that call for a slow cooker in particular, so she’ll be in no shortage of meals that she can make

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Your Mom

Your mom is one of the people in your life who you appreciate the most. She gave birth to you, cares for you, and protects you. She spends years of her life ensuring that you are as safe as you can be – and even if you don’t appreciate it at the time, you certainly do as you get older.

Naturally, when Christmas rolls around, you’ll want to get something nice for her. One option would be to get her some new, high thread count linens. High thread sheets are incredibly soft, and a new linen set will always be appreciated, since they should be changed out regularly anyways.

You should look into what styles she likes so that you’re not getting something that she’s not super fond of. If your mom has a bit of a sweet tooth, then some chocolate covered strawberries might be exactly what she’ll enjoy for Christmas.

These can be bought premade with all kinds of lovely designs on them that she’s sure to enjoy. They’re made with high quality ingredients, so you know that she’s getting the best that she deserves.

Many moms love drinking coffee. It’s hard work balancing all of the responsibilities that she has to undertake, so she naturally needs a bit of an energy boost every now and then.

However, chances are she’s only using a standard, run of the mill coffee maker. With a pour over coffee set, she’ll be able to make higher quality, better tasting coffee in the comfort of her own home. These sets make it easy to make café-quality coffee in minutes.

Along with all of that hard work she does, your mom is probably prone to getting sore. If your mom frequently has sore feet from running errands and doing a lot of activities, then an at-home automatic foot massager might be something that can help her out immensely.

You can even get heated ones so that she can capture all the feeling of a spa in her living room. If your mom likes to relax with a nice bath, then some bath bombs can better her experience all around.

Bath bombs can alter the color, scent, and even texture of a standard bath to make it much more interesting and much more relaxing. With quality scents like lavender or fresh linens, these simple little gifts can give her a much needed break from the chaos of being a mom.

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Your Dad

Your dad is probably one the more influential people in your life. He’s the one who is there for you when you need advice, and chances are, he’s probably taught you a good deal of life lessons.

When Christmas comes around, you get a chance to show your appreciation for all that he’s done, and you can easily do that in the form of a good gift for your dad. If your dad is a big fan of tinkering and taking things apart, then a blueprint decoration could complete his garage or man-cave.

There are tons of blueprints framed up as decorations out there for all kinds of different things, from ballparks to the patents for golf equipment. Either way, you should be able to find something that your dad can hang high and nerd out about.

Many dads are big fans of fishing. It gives them a chance to decompress and take their mind off of things for a little while. If you have some good fishing spots around you, some solid fishing gear would be a great option for your dad.

Whether it be a rod or simply accessories like more bait, line, or hooks, a bundle of fishing gear is perfect. No matter what it is, he’ll probably need it at some point, since fishing accessories run out pretty quickly.

If your dad is the handyman type, he’ll almost certainly appreciate some new tools. Dads often have a good set of common tools that they’re already invested into and familiar with, so try to go with some more uncommon or somewhat obscure tools they would love, but might not splurge on for themselves. He would surely appreciate it as a gift!

Something that every good dad needs is a proper pair of work shoes. They usually resort to using some common sneakers, but some good steel-toed work shoes can protect their feet from any stray falling tools or other debris – even if they only need them while working around the house in the yard.

They provide better stability on slippery or rocky surfaces, preventing any unwanted falls. Finally, if your dad is a big sports fan, chances are he has at least some pieces of memorabilia.

It might be something as simple as a t-shirt or jersey, or something more displayable like a banner or a flag. Either way, there’s probably something that he doesn’t have that you can get pretty cheap that will always put a smile on his face that he can either display or wear with pride.

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Your Sister

Anyone who has siblings knows that while you may have times of disagreement, your siblings are some of the best people you can know. Your sister may have been a pain at times, but at the end of the day, she’s there for you.

You’ll want to show appreciation for her with some Christmas gifts that she’ll really enjoy. If your sister is pretty active and healthy, then she probably drinks quite a bit of water.

However, after some time, water can start to get a little boring. By getting her an infuser water bottle, she’ll be saving money and resources by not buying flavored single use water bottles.

Infuser bottles allow her to put some of her favorite fruits in a compartment that mixes the flavors into the water, providing a healthy, but tasty drink. At just about any age, your sister is sure to love some new makeup.

Take some time to understand what she likes and what she needs. If she prefers more natural colors or more contrasting colors, you’ll be able to find a set that she’ll like, either way.

Get her something unique that she’ll be able to try out and enjoy using. Your sister might be the type who really likes to accessorize. If she uses a lot of jewelry, then it can be easy for her to misplace items and for everything to get mixed together.

Get her a nice jewelry organizer so that all of her jewelry can be kept in one place and by easily accessible. You can get all different kinds, from those that sit on top of a dresser to full cabinets you put up on the wall, allowing her to keep it wherever she needs it most.

Buying perfume can sometimes be a hassle. You’re expected to shell out a pretty significant amount on a scent that you may or may not like, and you’ll have no way of knowing if it’s good if you’re ordering online.

Get your sister a perfume sampler kit so that she can try out a little bit of a lot of different perfumes, which can help her make her decision on which one to buy in the future.

If you and your sister like to spend some time together drinking a glass of wine, then there are all kinds of interesting wine glasses that you can get for her. For example, some glasses are built to be resistant to spills, by removing the stem and setting them at an angle. The glass won’t be able to just tip over normally, and instead will just spin in a circle!

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Your Brother

Brothers are a weird bunch. They can be protective, silly, caring, and even sometimes poke fun at you. They’ll be serious one moment, and fun loving the next. Regardless, though, they’re really just there to take care of you when you need them. For that, you should show your appreciation for him this Christmas with gifts he’s sure to love.

If your brother likes going to the gym, then a new gym back may be in order for him this Christmas. Some gym bags can get old, and if he stores his post-workout clothes in them, they can get a bit smelly. Get him something easily cleanable and sturdy, so that he’ll be able to hold onto it for years to come. You’ll want to get something compact that has enough storage for all the things he might need while he’s at the gym.

Some brothers are very proud of their cars. If so, then they definitely want to keep them as nice as possible, both inside and out. You can get your brother a car cleaning supply kit full of stuff that he can use on his interior to keep it clean and his exterior to keep it shiny. With specialized sprays, waxes, and wipes, his car is sure to stay looking its best.

For the brother that’s in college or has a lot of friends that he hangs out with, a good party game can be a great gift for him. There are tons of adult board and card games that will give him and his friends hours of laughs and fun. These games tend to be pretty inexpensive, but are still wildly popular among younger guys and their friends.

If your brother is an avid runner, chances are he’s probably been worried before about running when it starts to get dark. Running in the dark is nice because it’s cooler outside and there’s less people, but you also want to be visible to cars or people on bikes. Get your brother some attachable lights for his running shoes that will greatly increase his safety on his late-night runs.

Another great option if your brother is a bit more outdoorsy is a wallet-sized multitool. These compact tools are small enough to fit into the credit card slot of a wallet, but can come with tons of tools built into it, such as a knife, can opener, screwdriver, bottle opener, and more.

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Your Grandparents

You always want to give back to your grandparents for everything that they’ve done for you. Chances are, your grandparents have spent much of their lives caring for your parents as well as you, and you want to show some appreciation for that.

There are tons of options that you can go for to give something sentimental or useful to your grandparents. One solid option is a digital photo frame. These sync up with the internet and allow you to load hundreds of pictures of your family onto one single frame.

It’ll cycle through them all, and they’ll always be able to see someone they love at some kind of occasion where you took the picture. This helps free up some space that would otherwise be taken up by multiple frames, condensing even more pictures down into just a single one.

They can take this with them just about anywhere, or simply leave it in the living room at home. If your grandparents are avid readers, you might want to simplify their reading time with an e-reader.

An e-reader allows them to store tons of books on a single lightweight device, letting them carry around multiple books anywhere with just one small tablet. Often times, these e-readers include things like a zoom function, which can help immensely if their eyesight isn’t the best, and digital books can be downloaded from anywhere with internet access, removing the need for a trip to the bookstore.

Another good option would be a framed newspaper from some important event that happened in their lives. For example, if your grandparents went through World War 2, you could frame a copy of the newspaper from the day that the enemy forces surrendered. This can be a powerful, sentimental item for them to remember the days that they spent years ago.

If your grandparents are more inclined towards wine and cheese and that kind of thing, you can get them a subscription box. There are subscription boxes available that can send them fine wines and cheeses delivered right to their doorstep, making a nice wine tasting night much easier on them since they won’t have to go out and find some or spend any money themselves.

Finally, you can never really go wrong with a high quality scented candle. Grandparents tend to like keeping their homes nice and fragrant, so if you’re able to find out what kind of scents they like, a nice candle will be a fantastic, practical gift for them.

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Your Boyfriend

When buying gifts for your boyfriend, depending on how long you’ve been dating, it might be a little difficult sometimes. You might not want to drop a ton of money, and he might not have opened up to you enough yet for you to fully get an idea of what all hobbies and interests he has.

Even so, there are still plenty of good, reliable options that you can go with. If your boyfriend tends to style his facial hair or even just go clean shaven, a new shaving kit could bring a lot of comfort to his life.

Cheap shaving kits can lead to things like cuts or even infections, but a high quality shaving cream with some aftershave can ensure that he can shave in absolute comfort. They even come in great scents like sandalwood for an added bonus.

If your boyfriend doesn’t have a good jacket yet, that would be a great gift – especially for the winter. He might have a thin, cheap hoodie or something similar, but a thick, insulated, waterproof, stylish jacket is absolutely irreplaceable.

If you get something of good quality, it’ll be sure to last him a lifetime, so don’t be afraid to spend a little extra for something that will last him years. Your boyfriend might be an avid driver or car enthusiast, and if so, then a dashcam could make him that much safer on the road.

Dashcams help catch other people at fault for accidents that might otherwise be ruled against him, and some can even detect and capture footage of people trying to break into his car. They’re fairly unnoticeable and easy to install, and you can pick one up at a pretty affordable price.

In recent years, vinyl has made a huge resurgence. If your boyfriend is a big fan of some older music, then a record player would be a great option. If he already has one, get him some vinyl records of his favorite bands, so he can listen to his favorite tracks in stunning quality.

In some states, people take a lot of pride in the products made there. For beer fanatics, this is especially true. You can get your boyfriend a map of your state with indentations all over it to fit different beer caps, so he can fill it out with all different kinds of unique and interesting beers, especially ones from the different parts of that state.

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Your girlfriend is someone that you can confide in and someone that you should trust. They’re one-of-a-kind people that push you to be the best version of yourself that you can be.

This Christmas, give back to her by giving her something that she’s going to be able to use and cherish for years to come. One gift that you could get her is a silk pillowcase. These pillowcases are extremely comfortable, and allow her to get a fantastic night’s sleep.

Additionally, they don’t retain as many oils as a traditional pillowcase, meaning that she’s going to have much clearer skin by sleeping on these. You can even go the extra mile and get some full blown linens made from the same material.

For your girlfriend, you want her to have maximum comfort. Get her some high quality jogger pants, which she can wear just about anywhere. They’re comfortable enough to wear casually at home, but also stylish and functional enough to wear to the gym.

If you really want to get a good pair of pants, try to get some that have deep pockets, a rare commodity in girls clothes. If your girlfriend is more adventurous and likes to do some high adrenaline activities, get her a GoPro or other wearable camera that she can use to document her best times.

These can be worn on roller coasters, while biking, on a hike, and so much more. They record in high definition and she’ll be able to relive all of the fun parts right there at home.

If you’d prefer to go with a safe, classic option, then you’ll be able to go with a handbag. A new handbag is almost always going to be appreciated – especially if she hasn’t gotten a new one in some time.

If you get something from a well known brand, then she’ll be getting quite a few compliments on it, so don’t be afraid to get something a bit higher on the price range. And if you want to splurge add a matching wallet, too.

Finally, for the girl that loves lounging around the house, you can get her some of the most comfortable slippers available. Get something that has a nice inner lining, padding, and insulation to produce an absolutely heavenly experience.

These slippers can get a little pricey, but it’s well worth it for the comfort and quality. These can last for years, and are especially good gifts around the winter months. If you want to, add a nice robe that’s super soft and cozy to go with the slippers.