Holiday Gifts for Friends

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Your Boss

During the holidays, sometimes you want to give back to your boss if you’ve been given a lot of fantastic opportunities from him or her, or if you might want to try for a promotion sometime in the future.

Either way, sometimes giving a bit back is a good thing that can benefit you and fulfill that holiday spirit in you. There are plenty of good gifts that you can give your boss for Christmas.

First off, especially for executive bosses, a good quality pen does not go unnoticed. While it might not sound like much, something that is elegant and practical can go a surprisingly long way.

Fine pens can set your boss apart from someone who goes for a simple Bic pen and distinguish them as someone who enjoys some of the finer things in life. If your boss’s job requires them to do a lot of travelling, then chances are they might be worried about losing their luggage at the airport or around a city.

There are luggage trackers available that will attach to your luggage, connect to an app, and show you where it is. Whether it was snatched up at the airport or left behind in a cab, this little device can be an absolute lifesaver.

Your boss’s desk can likely get a bit cluttered if they have a lot of supplies and papers around it, which can lead to stress and a lack of productivity. A good quality desk organizer can help keep everything where it’s supposed to be, and can make your boss’s life a whole lot easier.

If you want to give something a bit more conventional and personalized, a gift basket could be the way to go. This will allow you to give some smaller items, such as gift cards, along with things like food and drinks in such a way that it all looks rather elegant and fancy.

You can get premade gift baskets or create your own stocked up with things that you know they like. Finally, if your boss likes their fair share of coffee, perhaps a fancy coffeemaker for their office or at home could make for a good gift.

A plain coffee maker works just fine, but others can create things like lattes right in their office and can be a huge money saver as well. Pair it with some good quality coffee and you’ve got yourself a fine Christmas gift.

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for a Coworker

If you work in an office or any similar setting, you’re probably going to want to keep relations between you and your coworkers positive. If you aren’t getting along with them, it can decrease productivity and you’ll be uncomfortable being around them for hours at a time. When Christmas comes around, you can bolster your coworker’s spirits with some gifts that will be sure to put a smile on their face.

If your coworker likes to decorate their space a lot, a simple message board could help them spruce it up. You can get message boards with a backlit wall and a big supply of letters that will stick to the surface, so they can make little inspirational messages on it and change it whenever they feel like it. It can really add some fun to a typical desk space.

Your coworker might be a bit more of the artsy type, and if so, then a sand art piece would be something they could always enjoy. With sand art, you can flip it around like an hourglass and create a new piece of art whenever you want, or just keep it however you’ve found it if that’s what you prefer.

Bringing lunch to the office can be a bit of a hassle, since the containers tend to take up a lot of space. If your coworker struggles with lugging around all those lunch containers, get them some collapsible lunch containers. These will expand to fit all of the food they need, then collapse and nest inside one another after they’re done to save tons of space.

It can get a little bit uncomfortable sitting at a desk chair all day. One of the dangers of it is poor circulation in your legs. The typical sitting position doesn’t really allow for good blood flow, and that could cause some leg pain in the long run. You can get your coworker a good adjustable footrest for them to keep under their desk, allowing them to sit in comfort and have good blood flow at the same time.

For the coworker with a green thumb, a little desktop garden could brighten their mood quite a bit. They require minimal maintenance, and come with a nice little UV light so that they can still thrive even without sunlight. Adding that little bit of life can brighten a space and the mood of your fellow coworkers.

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Employees

If you manage or run a business, then hopefully you’ll know that you need to maintain a good relationship between yourself and your employees. They put in a lot of work for you, and you probably couldn’t be where you are without their dedication and hard work.

This Christmas, you can show your appreciation for their hard work with some lovely Christmas presents. For the employees who love their coffee, a nice mug warmer can help them keep their beverage nice and hot throughout the day.

Nobody likes drinking cold, cooled-off coffee, so this simple device helps keep it warm without them having to go to the microwave to reheat it every hour. They can use it at work or at home, but either way it’ll be a great help for them.

Sometimes your employees will have a bit of a sweet tooth, so what better way to show some appreciation than with some high quality chocolates? High quality chocolates are noticeably better than your standard cheap Hershey’s, and they can be enjoyed by just about anyone.

Make sure you take allergies into consideration, though, so you’re not giving them anything with nuts if they’re allergic. Many employees would be more than content with just simple gift cards.

While it may typically seem like a little bit of a lazy gift for a friend, it’s essentially a bit of a bonus for your employees. Good gift cards to get would be things like nice restaurants, grocery stores, and coffee shops. Make sure you have the amount written on there that it’s loaded with, so they can be sure of how much it’s worth.

To really spruce up their working space, you can get them some personalized office supplies. This could be anything from organizers to pens, but having something personalized for each person is very noteworthy, especially if you go beyond just their names and include an inspirational message for them.

Finally, depending on the budget you’re working with, some technology may be very much appreciated by them. Getting everyone an e-reader or a tablet may be pretty expensive, but if you really want to give a gift that will wow them, then that’s the route to go. Additionally, high quality headphones can also be something that they’ll use for years, making it a good unforgettable gift. This is certainly a pricy option, but it’s sure to see the most positive reaction out of the employees.

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Women

Chances are high that you have a woman in your life who you want to show appreciation for. It could be a significant other, sibling, parent, or friend. This Christmas, you can show your thanks and appreciation with some nice Christmas gifts that will really make her day.

First off, a nice pillow massager never goes wrong. She probably gets sore throughout the day, and instead of dropping a ton of money going to get massages all the time, she can simply use this pillow massager to relax her neck, back, and even her legs.

These pillow massagers can get deep into the muscle tissue to deliver a very relaxing massage. If she likes to take a lot of baths as a form of relaxation, you can take that one step further by getting her a nice bath tray.

The tray extends over each side of the bath and holds a variety of items, such as drinks and even laptops or tablets, allowing her to spend her bath relaxing and enjoying her favorite shows.

These trays are stable, so that she won’t see her electronics spilling into the bath anytime soon. If you know a woman who is a bit more of a writer, then a nice, high quality journal can be a great addition for her.

What makes a journal high quality is that it’s hopefully bound with a nice material and weatherproof, ensuring that rain or anything like that won’t ruin it if she’s on the go. Journaling is becoming more and more popular as a form of stress relief, so this can help her blow off some steam.

For the woman who likes to accessorize, a personalized necklace can really help her complete her look. You can get all kinds of personalized necklaces with birthstones or choose something with a stone you know she loves in it.

These add a nice touch instead of a standard, run of the mill necklace, and it makes for a good talking point for her if anyone asks about it. Nothing completes a day like getting to just lay down and relax.

If you know a woman who is all about comfort and relaxation, then a nice big soft throw blanket could be a great gift for her. Something made out of really good soft materials that has some weight to it can make any relaxation time that much better for her.

You can also include a book or two with the blanket, and maybe a tea pot with a select variety of teas for her to sip as she spends a soothing day unwinding after a week full of stress.

Top 5 Gifts for Men

Men can sometimes be pretty difficult to buy gifts for. They might not always talk about things they want or need out of fear of sounding too needy, so they’ll tend to just go with whatever they’ve got on hand.

However, when Christmas rolls around, you’ll want to be ready. There are plenty of gifts out there that just about any man will be happy to receive, whether they ask for it or not. If the man you’re shopping for has a beard, a good grooming kit is always going to be a good option.

You’ll want something high quality that’s built to last, so that they won’t scratch or cut themselves and can keep it around for awhile. You should look for something with both manual razors as well as electric, and the electric razor should hopefully have different lengths of blade guards so that they can choose what length to cut their hair at.

Many guys won’t want to ask for bath items, but it’s something that they do still appreciate. You don’t have to get them something “girly,” but you can still get them something that will ensure that they’re clean and smell good at the same time.

This can be anything from a simple quality shower gel to fancy shampoos. For any guy who does a lot of driving or outdoors work, a new pair of sunglasses would be greatly appreciated.

Something sturdy that can withstand a bit of abuse, but also something that looks stylish. There are plenty of options that fit the bill on this category, and all at affordable prices so you don’t have to break the bank on this gift.

Another element of any man’s routine for getting ready in the morning is his cologne. Cologne can be a bit pricey, so many guys don’t tend to buy it on their own. However, by getting them some good cologne, you’ll be making sure that they’re set for a good long while.

Those bottles can last for months if not over a year each, so you’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth out of it. There are gift sets that have cologne and shaving items to accompany them, in addition to deodorants.

If the man you know is particularly outdoorsy, then a good fixed blade knife can really brighten their day. These knives are much sturdier, and if you get a quality one, will be nice and sharp and built to last. These knives are much better than their standard pocketknife, especially when it comes to outside work.

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Soldiers

Whether they’re back home or still deployed overseas, you want to show the most love and affection for the soldiers in your life. Finding gifts for them can be difficult if they’re deployed, because there are some stringent regulations on what you can and cannot send into other countries.

Even when they’re home, military life doesn’t give them much time to find hobbies, so it can be a bit difficult to shop for them either way. There are, however, plenty of good gifts for any soldier whether they’re at home or away.

A flag and a proper display case for it is always going to be a good option. It not only serves as a source of patriotism and pride, but also as a reminder of their time in military service.

You’ll most often find these cases and flags in the hands of veterans, and it would only make sense to gift it to someone coming out of a war. Once they get back to their home country, soldiers are often faced with the problem of not having nearly enough civilian clothes.

Be sure to stock up on plenty of civilian shirts, pants, shoes, and so on. This rather simple gift can be greatly appreciated, since it takes a lot of the worry about returning back to a normal life off of their shoulders.

If your soldier is still abroad, one of the best things that you can send them to support them is simply batteries. AA batteries are in rather short supply for them, and they’re needed in a wide variety of devices.

Batteries can help keep them entertained by powering their gadgets, and they can also help power important gear that they may need in combat. While overseas, many soldiers get homesick.

It’s hard being away from home for such a long period of time, not seeing family and all. If you can assemble a good scrapbook, and fill it with lots of memorable pictures of them and your family, it can help them feel like they have a little piece of home with them.

This can be such a great morale boost. Finally, any soldier would appreciate a good multitool. There are all different brands and styles, but a good rugged one that can take some abuse can help them out immensely.

These multitools come with a number of functions that they can use in all kinds of situations, and reduce the amount of items they need to carry regularly. Make sure you get one that’s durable and will last.

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Couples

Sometimes it’s a lot easier for you to combine your gifts into one for couples. It gives them something that they can both use, and it can help you save costs on having to buy multiple gifts for them individually. However, you can’t just give a couple the same gift that you would give to one of them, you have to get something that they can both get a good amount of use from.

One good, classic option would be matching monogrammed bathrobes or something similar. You want to get them something comfortable that they can both lounge around in comfortably, but also has a bit of a personal flair to it. These can usually be acquired at a pretty reasonable price point, so you won’t have to shell out too much for these.

In recent times, there have been new products springing up that utilize technology as a means of letting someone know you’re there from a long distance away. They come in many different forms, from bracelets to bedside lights, but they all serve the same purpose. They’re synced up over the internet in such a way that when you touch one of them, the other will vibrate or light up. This is a very sweet gift for long distance couples for them to send little messages to each other from across the world.

Another recent trend is customizable sentimental décor. These are little decorations that portray something significant to that relationship in particular. This could be something like a map of the stars from the day they met to a map of the city they had their first date in. Either way, it’s always a very sentimental item that says a great deal about their relationship.

For a more casual gift, you can make their date options a lot simpler by giving them a portable picnic. There are a lot of portable cases and stands that make having a picnic much, much easier and more convenient. Otherwise, it can be a bit of a pain to set up. These kits can come with lots of storage for all of the food, utensils, stands, and so on.

In a similar vein, it can sometimes be difficult to find something that both people in a couple will enjoy for dinner if they have different tastes. There are many cookbooks for couples that provide a lot of options for dinner for two that they can make at home, and from there they can make a much easier decision on what to eat.

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Teachers

Teaching can certainly be a stressful and underappreciated job. Many teachers work for long hours with lower pay just to ensure that the next generation of kids have a good, solid foundation that they can build off of.

Whether you want to show appreciation to a teacher of yours or to someone in your life who is also a teacher, there are plenty of good gifts you can give them to make their lives easier.

First off, many teachers like to drink coffee most of the time. It really fuels them throughout the day, which can get a bit tiring at some points. A good mug or a more portable tumbler can help ensure that they’re able to take their caffeine with them wherever they go.

These are often pretty inexpensive, and you can probably get something somewhat personalized to them. A good quality tote bag would also be a good option. Teachers always need to have a lot of supplies on them, and they can’t carry that all with their hands alone.

You don’t want them to have a cheap bag that could tear and spill supplies everywhere, so make sure it’s something quality that can come in handy a good deal of the time. If you want to make their lives easier on the professional end, a portable laminator can really help them add some flair to the classroom.

Laminating things like study guides and other important, reusable documents can help expand the lifetime of a document by many years. This is especially true if they tend to teach younger students, who can have accidents and slip ups fairly easily.

With all the stressful factors in a job like that, teachers need some time to take a load off. If you’re able, getting them a coupon for a day at a nearby spa could mean the world to them.

They tend not to get these themselves – either because it’d be an unnecessary purchase or because they simply forget about it with all the hectic stuff going on around them. Regardless, it can definitely make a positive impact on their mental and physical well being.

Finally, there’s always the matter of extra supplies. Teachers are often expected to foot the bill on their own classroom supplies, which can mean buying plenty of extra tissues, pens, pencils, and so on. By gifting them a nice big basket of extra supplies, you’d be taking a big load off of their shoulders.

Top 5 Gifts for Sports Fans

It wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume that you have someone in your life that just loves sports above all other hobbies and interests. Whether it’s one particular sport or all of them across the board, sports are insanely popular all around the world.

Naturally, with that level of popularity, there are a lot of gifts and memorabilia that you can give to that special sports fan in your life. The first popular option for a sports fan gift is a jersey.

Whether it’s for American or international football, hockey, basketball, or any other sports team, jerseys are one of the most wished for gifts by fans. You can often get a blank one from a team and customize it with any name and number.

Or you could even go for one premade with a particular player’s number and name. No matter what, jerseys are almost always a hit. Another popular piece of merchandise is a team flag.

You can almost always find a team flag or banner – either with their logo or something like a championship banner. These make for great additions to a room, especially if they have a dedicated area for other sports memorabilia.

They can even be flown outside, and in some cases, even from your car. If your sports fan is big on having collectibles on display, you can always get them figures of their favorite players.

They’ll usually be made very realistically, depicting them mid-action in the midst of a game. They come with good stands so that they’ll remain sturdy, and they can really complete a fan area.

You can occasionally even find very stylized ones, like those from Funko-Pop. One option you could take if you’re willing to spend quite a bit more money is something personally signed by a player.

These items can sometimes be more expensive. Some things like pictures of the player or a ball from the game can be a little less expensive, since they’re able to do them in bulk.

However, things like signed sticks, bats, helmets, and jerseys cost more – especially if they were used in a game, since they’re so rare. Nevertheless, it makes for an incredible gift for a sports fan.

Finally, there are all kinds of accessories that your sports fan can take with them anywhere just so people know who they support. Things like keychains, car decals, phone cases and more are almost always available from any major sports team, and make for a great cheaper gift.

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Fitness Enthusiasts

When someone is into fitness, they tend to be pretty serious about it. With each passing year, more and more people are becoming devoted to getting in shape. But if this year is going to be their first, you’ll want to hook them up with some good equipment and gifts before they start, so that they’ll have a smooth ride developing a passion for it.

The first major piece of gym equipment you need is some proper workout clothes. Nobody comes to the gym in jeans and a polo, so if they don’t already have good workout clothes, they’ll need to get some.

You can get tanks, breathable shirts, lightweight shorts or pants, and so on. Typically, people like their gym clothes to be light and water resistant, so they don’t start sticking when they get sweaty.

One major component of fitness is getting your nutrition down. Workout supplements are very useful for anyone just starting out, and there’s a lot to choose from. You can get things like mass gainer and protein for those who are trying to build muscle, and dietary supplements for those who are trying to slim down.

There are also things like pre-workout powder, though that’s typically used after they’ve started to work out consistently over time. Smart devices are becoming increasingly popular in the gym.

With brands like FitBit on the rise, people are now using smart watches in order to track things like their heartrate and the amount of calories they burn. These are very useful tools, and they even double as a normal, nice looking watch when they’re not in the gym.

A good smart watch is definitely a reliable option for a fitness enthusiast. Almost everyone likes to wear headphones when they work out. It blocks out noise in the gym, lets you listen to music, and helps keep you focused.

A good pair of wireless, waterproof earbuds or headphones would be a very welcome gift for any fitness enthusiast. You’ll want to find something wireless, so that it won’t get in the way, and waterproof, so that sweat doesn’t interfere with the electronics.

Finally, after they work out, they’re going to be sore. One of the best ways to help with sore muscles is to use a quality foam roller. Foam rollers are high density cylinders of foam or sometimes rubber that you can use to roll out your muscles and recover faster.

If your gym enthusiast gets sore frequently, you can bet that this will be a good gift for them. Any home gym equipment they enjoy would be a nice high-end gift, but make sure they have room for it before you invest in anything like this.

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Gamers

Video games are wildly popular these days, bringing in new customers every single year without fail. There are a few different main systems that people use to play them, and each one has a wide selection of games as well as accessories and gadgets that improve the overall experience.

With this many products, you’re sure to find a great gift for anyone in your life who enjoys their share of video games. The first, more obvious choice, assuming that they don’t already have it, would be a gaming console and a few games to go along with it.

The primary consoles that are out right now are the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch. Each of these have their own unique options in them, with some exclusive games and some shared games for each.

Consoles can be a bit pricey, but you’ll likely find a good deal. Second, they certainly need a game to go along with the console. Some games are more popular than others, and some games are exclusive to their own consoles.

For example, many of the games available on the Nintendo Switch are exclusive to the Switch, though you can also get games there that you could find on other platforms. Do some shopping and figure out what genre your gamer likes, and get something popular in that same genre.

Almost all platforms have some form of online service that allows you to connect with other players in multiplayer games, along with a few other perks. For some games, this is essentially required.

These online services aren’t always free, though. One useful gift option is to get them a little card with an access code that gives them more extended time using that online platform, saving them the hassle – and the cost.

Surprisingly, controllers are often a much needed part of console gaming. While systems always come with one or two controllers themselves, for any other local multiplayer, you need to get your own.

Also, some controllers wear out over time, making them unresponsive or functioning poorly. Some new, updated controllers are always a welcome gift for gamers. Finally, convenient travel cases are often in high demand.

People like to share their fun with friends, and will often take their systems with them to other locations so that they can all enjoy some fun together. Specially designed cases can help ensure that their console fits well and has enough room for any accessories or games they might need.