Milliard Slime Time Goo Science Kit. Includes: mixing bowl, measuring cups, stirring sticks, plastic spoons, slime container (2 sizes), glue bottle, Borax, 6 coloring tablets

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Everything you need to make your own slime at home is included with this kit to make a little chemistry and a lot of fun happen! It’s a great interactive junior science project.

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Homemade slime is fun and easy to make with simple ingredients, but the Milliard Slime Time Science Kit makes it even easier with everything you need included in one package. A few short steps and a little creativity will yield plenty of stretchy, gooey slime to experiment with and share among friends – after all… you can’t spell “slime” without a “smile.”Touching ExperienceTouching things is important for kids. Looking at a thing isn’t enough – they HAVE to touch it. It’s part of their learning experience, so the sensation of soft, slimy, squishy things tends to draw a child’s interest. If they have to touch something, they might as well learn something while they’re at it, so the Slime Time Kit is an ideal, hands-on chemistry experiment that kids and parents can collaborate on at home to make a stretchy, gooey toy they can play with!Goo for YouSlime is fun to make, and even more fun to stretch and squish. Included measuring cups and stirrers make it easy to portion out water, glue, and Borax and the included mixing bowl is disposable for simple cleanup! Color tablets are included to tint your slime to any color of the rainbow, and several storage containers are also provided to keep your slime moist and gooey for weeks of slimy fun. Long after the chemistry experiment is complete, kids, and even adults, can spend hours exploring the physics of slime as its properties of both a solid and a liquid literally come alive.Do Science To It!Try pulling the slime very slowly to see how it stretches, or flick it out like a whip to capture distant objects. Form it into a ball and try bouncing it, or pour it over the bottom of an upside down cup and watch it slowly ooze over it like a slimy blanket. Flatten the slime into a pancake and then try holding it from one edge to see what it does, mash it over a magazine to pull up a print, or compare it to other batches. No two slime wads are the same, but they’re all a lot of fun!

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