MOTOsafety Obd 3G Car Tracker

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Top Feature :
Monitor driving activity with 100% accuracy (location, direction, speed, traffic, and more) using Google Maps.

Item Description:

MOTOsafety is a real time, 3G GPS tracker that helps improve teen driving. Monitor your teen’s vehicle location & driving behavior in real timewith 100% accuracy using Google Maps. Developed with the input of driving instructors and law-enforcement, MOTOsafety gives parents peace of mind while coaching their teen driver to be safer. Installation:MOTOsafety’s OBD GPS tracker simply plugs under the dashboard into the OBD II port of any car or truck manufactured after 1996. With real time vehicle tracking, parents can monitor vehicle location, speed, & direction on Google Maps and receive email/text message alerts based on teen driving habits. Additionally, the comprehensive teen driver education course, with driving report cards, makes it easy to encourage better habits with your teen driver. GPS tracking service ($19.99/month with no contracts); includes manufacturer’s limited lifetime device warranty on GPS tracker. Activate 3G vehicle tracking service within 30 days of purchase to receive a free month of service, a $19.99 value! No contracts or cancellation fees Only operates in the United States. Start tracking now!

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