Peg board Shapes Puzzle 38pc

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BEST SELLER TODDLER TOYS includes: 36 Pegs in a board in 12 DIFFERENT COLORS & 12 DIFFERENT SHAPES (2″X1.25″ each), Large foam pegboard (8″ inch square), Downloadable eBook filled with puzzles for 2 year olds and toddler games.

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Pegboard Shape Puzzle Set Includes: -1 orange peg board (8.5″) -36 pegs (2″) – 12 colors – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Grey, Light Blue, Brown, Pink, White and Black-1 Skoolzy drawstring backpack (12″ x 8″) -Downloadable parent activity guide for the toddler toys This pegboard toy is a Montessori based fine motor skills toy that is loved by occupational therapists, parents and children alike! Use with your child for stacking, shape identification, sorting, color recognition, patterning, basic math skills such as counting, adding, subtraction and graphing. The best part about this set is that your little ones won’t even notice that they are learning as they “play”.

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